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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Own Private Darkon

So maybe pummeling your problems into submission is not the best way to live.

Computers are the silent killer.

The faceless, nameless enemy that destroys us just because they exist.

Computers are not malicious; they just sit there and bring out our DEEEEEMONS!!!!!

I am over it, I will henceforth not give a rats.

I am all about the easydoesit or not at all.

It is not worth the high blood pressure and years off my life and time away from enjoying the things around me.

THUS! Darkon.

Darkon will now be used as anything that consumes you, alienates you, obsesses you, gives your life great drama, but doesnt have any real solid meaning or significance to your quality of life, your familys, the world, no relevance at all other then being a black hole that swallows everything and only emits indifference and pain.

What I am looking forward to today:

-getting a little closer on installing CS3

-its my early day at work

-class tonight

-seeing the fam

-placing the order for a text book

-getting a little writing done at lunch

-returning the old software for a full refund.

-pretending to be dead

A real weird attitude encouraged by Christianity is to want as much of this world as the dead does. You are dead to the world. Have no concern for the petty day to day dealings, be dead to it. You have other fish to fry. Makes me wonder why there arent more Christian Goth Bands. All the religious imagery, a separateness from the world, blood drinking and what not. STIGMATRA, to be followed by pot luck in the communion hall.


I have hope that it will all be alright. There is always one more thing to try.

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My Own Private Darkon


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