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Monday, November 03, 2014

End of Day One... Fathead

So yeah, good day, got 4 down, 8 to go. I suppose this is the least ambitious thing you could shoot for, but there is a lot of math going on the the head about this. Mainly, what is the end point, and what is the time worth, and at what point have you spent too much time on a project. Most everything I do takes about five years, and so this is called shock therapy to break me of that habit.

So a mini comic can really only sell for about a buck, maybe two. (Rationally though, 25 cents.) So say I can sell 25 of these, say I get all high minded and sell them for two bucks, and make 50. If I spend 5 years making a mini comic, that really isn't sustainable. That's like a buck a year. But if I spend 5 hours making one, then ten bucks an hour may seem sane and rational. So what can I do in five hours. I can draw 12 pictures and lay them out. Print them. Staple them. And at the end of the 5 hours I can walk away and never look back. I just have to remember that "good" is the enemy of "done".


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