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Monday, November 03, 2014

Big Plan: Fathead, Day 1 of 5

Back on the full schedule today. So the big plan is to squeeze in a panel on breaks and lunch. A panel a day. Will start the 12 panel mini comic today. Doing a clearing of old ideas in this format.

2014 has been the least creative year of my life. Been nothing but harsh cold reality. Sometimes you get so deep in the trenches that everything else gets pushed aside. That's been me. But if you don't make time for your dreams, they die. Too bad, money. Just the way it is.

So with lack of time, these panels are custom for a person on the go. Quick and sporty with not much analysis. Get these out and see how the equilibrium starts to feel.

The story is called Fathead, made up in high school, was going to be a short at one point, now I'm just going to draw it out, just to have it exist in some form.

I'll post panels as they come along.


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