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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ten Things Going on with Zombeak!

1. Sold a Zombeak T-shirt, will be mailing it out this weekend!
2. We have an offical fan! He lives in England!
3, York is digging our grassroots efforts!
4. Sending a screener out to the awesome website FREDDY IN SPACE! Hope they dig it! If not, hey, I'm all about journalistic integrity.
5. The goal is to have a screener going out every week to the cool ghouls with horror blogs here in North America. There has to be a tipping point where buyers go, "who owns the rights to that chicken movie?" and they order 10,000 copies. It's all about name recognition.
6. I have the blog hooked up to some sort of crazy ultra ping thing that sends the updates to every search engine dig,stumble, yahoo blah blah on the net, so in theory that will increase visibility, prob no more pics of the kids put up on the blog though, too many weirdos.
7. Steph is digging into social indexing that will help generate visibility.
8. I have an entire commentary for the film I need to post, something for those in the UK or people with screeners, it is pretty funny, lots of people came out for it.
9. Clown Versus Monkey has been a nice reprieve from all this chicken.
10. The next big goal is to have a commercially released film in theaters.
Bonus - The lifetime goal will to be to win a Chainsaw Award from Fangoria Magazine. Better then an Oscar.

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