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Thursday, June 03, 2010

ramble and mobile



Cloud Mobile Video project


person writes a page


emails to my phone, or leaves a voice mail.


I shoot the page with found actors, locations


editing - pedrotti or seth


Phone >message to maildrop address > uploads to dropbox > dropbox is main footage folder for video project edited using JayCut


music - edited version shared with music guy, music guy uploads mp3 to maildrop address


effects - ?


export and send to Youtube > feeds to facebook, twitter, blogger


upload file to amazon, rent stream and press to order.


the concept is to make it as much like daydreaming as possible, like just thinking and feeling film and making it easy to communicate it, breathing and tearing down the walls with technology.


data transfer, moving files around


but we live in the cloud


things are getting scary, the more I understand technology the more I understand how my brain works, this is a very freaky time we live in, facebook has already showed me that we all live the exact same life, with some minor window dressings being the only difference, hive mind is intruding, and this connection, always connecting using these electric things that will only grow smaller and easier, and telepathy is only a tap away, 24/7 eye uplinks beamed to our brain mail and would you give away all privacy just to feel a societal connection, oceanic, the pack mentality hard wired into us, it may get to where we go to complete empathy, and it may go to where we find ourselves back at the beginning of it all before this all started. Tearing down the curtains and everyone seeing everything and knowing what they are thinking is shared by millions, and what is that going to be like. it's the stripping of identity! when you realize everyone is having the same thoughts, the same lives, feeling the same emotions, and opinions and variations are a matter of timing and blood sugar levels, it makes you redefine some things. but the illusion of seperation may be something evolved for survival


***must see movie We Live in Public***


air is technology. and words, and personality, need to stop the think train for now. nothing is being accomplished.


there is a ritualistic nature to my cube job that could have a nearly liturgical quality to it if I chose to apply it, but no if not, and we never touch anything, my fingers never touch the keys.


I need sleep




ps- new background coming from Tracy!


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