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Friday, December 12, 2008

weekend and 09

Today I am rockn both jobs then going home and chilln with the Stephinator,  prob watching a horror flick, then up early and getting the kids breakfast until steph wakes up and then taking a nap, then up and playing with the kids, registring for classes, try to excersise, write shatter monkey stuff, talk to Jayson about some idea, see whats up with Mike, plan a playdate, get Stephs present, work present, go to work at 7pm, and that night maybe drink coffee with a friend and talk about horror flicks, then on Sunday I will research the QC report some more, and do very little other then Shatter Monkey stuff. 

I have some new stuff coming up, and a project to shoot in 09 that will be very experimental, something I think will be a lot of fun, and then I am going back to school for a nine month certificate in web design because I want to learn how to distribute my stuff to its maximum potential. Zombeak has really shown me that distribution is in the hands of the filmmaker now, and in five years when I have another project finished, there will be even more outlets and I want to be a bad assed web designing mofo that knows all the ends and outs of internet marketing. What Ive learned from the chicken flick was great to see how it has been done, but the world has changed, I would love to be able to help other filmmakers create and maximise their sites to get their films out there. I despise asking permission from faceless people on the phone to support my film. Web Design: also to do freelance and make better bank. Ive gotz mouths to feed.

2009 is going to be busy, good.


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