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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yo all you nutty nutz! Mer Crimuh!
Lots of sugar highChristmas photos stored up to unleash on you, just not now, not uploaded yet, it's a major investment in time to sort store and share, who has the time, but I'll get around to it in the name of complete disclosure.
If loven BROM is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Man, his interviews make you want to smack him though. That's right, SMACK HIM. Smack the manscara right off his bony face. I'm talk'n to you!. Brang it Brom, braaang it. (love/hate/love/hate/bipolar/disorderlies/fatboys/crushgroove/beat street the real deal/the right stuff/phillip kaufman/san fran snob directors/chip on shoulder/hate hate kill kill/just don't get me on The Crow remake/ F'n F'rs need to back the F F'n off)
Who's your pony? That's right, it's me. (Outsider/emilio/maximum overdrive/green goblin/defoe stole that from bruce campbell/condensed soup doesn't like to be talked to like that) 
Got a new toy this year, a little camcorder that fits in the ol' flannel shirt pocket (hardcore 94). Shoots HD and I plan on using it to shoot Clown Versus Monkey. There will be no pretense on turning this into a "real movie". It's a stream of product and something that I can't believe hasn't already been done 1,000,000 times. It's all about Clowns being the subject of agazzillion flicks as are monkeys. They are the mainstays of poverty row DIY horror films. WHY?!? People love that shit! Sop it up with a biscuit! Time for them to face off. It will be shown in installments and making of blogs, t-shirts, breakfast serials, and if you want to see the wet stuff without the censor bars, you can buy the hard core uncut stolen back from the man edition.
09 is already busy as hell, but that will give me time to conceptualize and clear out the script backlog. But maybe something will start. You only have to shoot seven minutes of actual footage a month to have a feature length something by the end of the year. And CVM is a total mask movie. Everyone in a mask. So if you can't show, someone else goes in the suit. And all elements shot separately. Fit together without any regard to how it would really look. representational rather then realistic. Not enough Talk talk, blah blah.

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