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Friday, February 17, 2006

Tisket a Basket Case

So everyone laughed about the sleep deprivation that goes on with a new baby, and let me just say…

Believe the Hype.

I’ve felt like a zombie most my life, but nothing compared to the drooling shambling foul tempered corpse that I’ve become since the arrival of “The One”.

It’s amazing how for cuteness will get you. Baby Sarah can vomit and piss all over you, can not allow you to sleep more then an hour and a half at a time, but she’s sooooo cuuuute! Can’t be mad at her. Just look at her. What was I complaining about?

So the movie front has had a breakthrough on music with the addition of Ken Henslee joining our mad little cult. We’ve discussed ideas over the phone, he lives in Athens, and he proved himself to be totally committed by scoring 12 minutes of film in the last week. Sure it’s just ideas of how the scenes can go, but I find him dead on with my sensibilities, and is willing to show me unfinished work, and that is so rare. Most artists won’t show you jack until it is framed and mounted and completely concrete. Hell, I’m like that. I’m completely like that. But I don’t have to work with me.

My point is that Ken is a collaborator that doesn’t get precious about what he’s doing and that is invaluable, maybe I can learn something from him.

We continue recruiting people for the digital effects, just so many shots to put out before my desired release date. Hell, I even got a copy of Photoshop to throw in myself.

The synching of voices is time consuming and maddening. I can’t wait to get to the foley. Then it will be me and some friends with I-RIVERS hitting the streets for all manors of sounds, both practical and bizarre.


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