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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baby City

I gotz me a baby! She's 8 lbs 14 ozs and was born on Jan 11th and came home on Friday the 13th! Life is great, I find myself staring at the baby for hours and just everything is revolving around this little girl, Sarah. She is pure joy.

I showed her her first horror film on the 14th, The Dead Next Door. She loved it and couldn't believe what Bookwater pulled off with such limited means. I loved it too.

So I'm on vacation next week and plan on synching the remaining voices when not playing with the baby.

On a downer side, our composer has had to bow out due to having the new and demanding job of designing a monorail for San Diego. Disappointing sure but we'll soldier on and usually this means an unexpected blessing down the road. Every set back really just makes the film stronger.

I recieved some effects from Matt Green te other day and was impressed. Finally seeing these things makes me very happy. We still have a long way to go, and are farmng out effects to several more peeps to meet our release date.

There are also some really cool promotion opportunities coming up that I hope will get the name Zombeak out there.

But the next bite of the elephant for me will be to synch up the voices, and then I'll worry about the next thing, and that will be foley.

Here's some cool flicks I just saw:

All of these where awesome!


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