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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fantasia vs Black Hole

Due to my subconscious drive to turn this into The Black Hole Appreciation Blog, here are some screenshot comparisons between my beloved BH, and another divisive Disney classic, 1940's Fantasia.

I watched Fantasia for the first time last night, and though I love the artistry of the animation, some segments drag on forever. But! during the Bald Mountain segment, I kept seeing all these Black Hole visual references. So, here they are!

1. I read Max was based on the Devil from this scene. Compare. Contrast.

2. Both have them lording from a mountain top.

3. Both have people falling into the mouth of hell. Get that robot out of the shot!

4. Both transition with pilgrims walking two by two, exiting the dark underworld. Seeing Fantasia helped me make sense of one of the biggest bummers of Black Hole. It's unfair that the lobotomized crew had to burn in hell due to Reinhardt's maliciousness. If I think of them as leading the Palomino's crew toward the light, then it's a much happier ending then I originally thought.

5. Finally, both move into a cathedral-like arched tunnel, moving out of danger into safety.

So in closing, all Fantasia really needs is Slim Pickens.

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