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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Back to here. Missed you.

So Tumbler made it too convenient.

If it takes so little energy to accomplish, why not do it later, or later, or never? If I am at absolute zero, and to blog means I have to be at .000001, my brain will not warm enough to do that. But if I have to get to 25% effort, I have to do a whole voodoo ritual, and by the time that is done, I'm ready to share. In closing, tumbler took away the process, so why do it.

And, so last night I spent a good chunk of the evening looking at concept art from The Black Hole. Be glad they took the kids out of that movie. The art shows astronaut kids. Can you imagine how terrible that would have been? The thing this movie has going for it is its dismal and oppressive atmosphere. Adding a yippie zippie kid, like a Witch Mountain type character, that would have detracted too much. The argument against myself here is that it could have been The Shining in space.

Of my search I found these two posters which I must have.

What else, watched Mulan last night with Cam and Abbie. They are such Disney freaks, I'm catching their fever. I've always been a WB man, but as I age, you have to appreciate the virtuosity that goes into their animated features. Every shot of Mulan has some trick or detail that is so next level. All their 90's event movies are like that. I'm glad I got to work at the theater during this period, to see the madness of opening weekend when these came out. Hunchback is still my favorite from this period.

Last night I spent another large chunk looking at the background plates for 101 Dalmatians. I didn't know Sleeping Beauty was a big failure for the studio so they had to cut costs, and started xeroxing the pencils onto cells instead of inking by hand. All those inkers where fired, and that's why the style is so different, with the scratchy lines. It detracts from the animation, looks cheaper, but I love the look of the backgrounds. The hard lines over the painted backgrounds, and the color bleeding, I can't get enough of it.

Looks like this!

VS this from Sleeping Beauty.

They are both awesome, who we kidding.

So the kids want to go to IHOP. So we are going to IHOP.

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