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Monday, July 15, 2013

Unicorn Diary is a Gooooo!

- things I want to remember about the weekend.

- took kids to White Water. They had a great time. It took me a while to warm up. I felt like a microbe in a petri dish. But then something happened. As I was watching people all crammed into the lazy river and the wave pool, all desperate to have a little fun, I though about how sad and beautiful and ridiculous the human race is. Here we are, on the downward spiral to oblivion, yet we still go out of our way to squeeze a moments levity out of life. I am really a fun guy to be around, if you haven't guessed. Seriously, White Water is like being in a bath house for ex cons.

-people having fun, just the contrived ridiculousness of theme parks gives me hope for humanity

-Great American Adventures was a mini Six Flags made for kids that closed down a few years ago. The park is still there, right next to White Water, so I loved being able to see some abandoned theme park stuff.

-Cameron did not want to share something over the weekend, he was pretending to be a spy and did not want Sarah to also pretend to be a spy, so he tried to block her into a corner with some Rubbermaid stuff, that she skipped right around and it upset him. I said,"You are going to let Sarah be a spy too, do you understand, say you understand!" Cameron said, "I understand that I am going to lock Sarah in the pantry."

-Cam is autistic, and seeing Sarah his sister work with him at White Water, staying with him on the playground and holding his hand and taking him on the slides made me very proud. She is an awesome sister and kid. I get choked up on everything these days. Fatherhood has made me maudlin.

-Lots of really bad tattoos out there. Saw them at White Water. It was like a carnival mixed with a terrible art gallery. I don't have any, but I agree with friends that if you want one, you should research the artist and think about what you are doing before marking yourself up. This was the first time going to White Water since I was a little kid, and people look so different now than they did in the 80s. Everyone had tattoos. It was like hepatitis planet. The world is becoming more and more like a carnival everyday. Anyway, I saw a lot off really terrible tattoos, my kids draw better than some of the junk I saw. The worst was the lady with song lyrics written all over her ribs. Second place was the grim reaper on this guy's back that looked like something an 8th grader would have scribbled while daydreaming in Algebra class. I'm judgmental!

- South Atlanta Comic Con. I got cornered by a dude in a walker, and we started talking the new superman movie, and he quickly brought up how there were no red underoos this time and that the darker suit made the crotch stand out too much. That's why I go to conventions. Awesome conversations. I did speak with some cool folks making their own comixs, talked some shop and found a cheap cheap place that prints comics that look amazing. Note to self.

- I got a cool print for buying an artist some Wendy's.

- Mike Pedrotti is selling toys at conventions now. I brought him some comics to sell. I am getting rid of stuff, liquidating assets for a rainy day. We are looking at working a Day of the Dead booth next year.

- hanging out and watching movies with my niece Kay. That was cool, we watched a zombie movie called Warm Bodies.

- Cameron loves angry birds, he loves showing me how to win the levels. He also loves laughing when I mess up.

- Sarah and I love Adventure Time. We all laid in bed and watched our favorite episode last night, the one where they create Neptr, the pie throwing robot.

- Abbie now will run up and hit you when she wants to be picked up. She will hit me and grab my shirt and then start trying to jump, more like bouncing on her feet. She says a loot of words now, and is very huggy.

- Stephanie bought me some sharpies and composition books and set them in the car for me this morning, just because. Love that Woman!

- Mike Jackson and I are gearing up to sell some mini comixs at the next South Side convention.

- Clown Versus Monkey, gotta get back on it. Part 4. I just don't have a deadline pushing me this month.


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