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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Geek Virus is taking hold! Bwahahaha!

Hey Internet Planet!

So here's the deal, a few milestones in the whole Cameron thing.

Milestone 1: "I want to watch Star Wars" - He came to me and asked, not prompted, he's never shown interest.

Milestone 2: "No more adventure, I'm not going that way" - First Star Wars Quote. He seems to really like C-3P0.

Milestone 3: Wanted to start Empire right after Star Wars."More Star Wars, more outer space!"

Milestone 4: First Star Wars fan art. (it's the Sand Crawler on Tatooine, I'll post later).

So the plan is the shield him from the prequels, like they never happened. The true Star Wars experience is to fall in love with the originals, and in about 15 years I will introduce Episode 1-3.

And on that dark day, he will know what it truly is to be a fan. Bwahahahaha!

It'll be good for him. All idols must crash and burn. It's part of growing up.


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