Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clown Versus Monkey: Blood is coming!

Received a scene from Jonas yesterday, he added some blood to a shot. 

Just so happened that I was thinking about sending him a big gory scene of a monkey being eaten by clowns.

He psychically knew this.

I'll shoot you a screen shot as it happens.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Drop Your Clown Babies Here! Clown Versus Monkey

street scene
three props
animated clown babies
three characters (two monkeys and a clown)
so that means double chroma mattes
two characters to go
ps -that is a wood chipper on the right

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen Improvement: Clown Versus Monkey

coming along!

Working on the kitchen scene:
Background Layer
Two Monkeys
A phone
A chair
A chair cage
A banana

Right now I am animating the banana to move with the monkey hand.
Also looping the monkey's movements so I won't spend the next year animating this prop banana.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Clown Versus Monkey, drip drip drip

working on a six minute chunk, the dreams of clowns and monkeys will not die!
Worked on CvM last night and this morning, not much was done but the ball is in motion, and momentum is all i need.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Because i like pain, the proposed clown versus monkey schedule, has nothing to do with realism

Monday, February 06, 2012

CvM masterplan#9-a


So it takes me about 4 hours to do ten seconds, that is all 15 steps.

It's going to be a 60 minute film.

24 hours to do a minute

1440 hours to finish the movie.

Do five seconds a day of movie (two hours work).

5 seconds / 3600 seconds = 720 days

Almost two years to finish this, less the 10 minutes I have finished.

600 days to finish the movie. Almost two years. Wee-Hoo!

I guess I need to make a premiere date and try to cram it into that.

We do need to factor in the Jonas element. But that is another day.



Clown Versus Monkey: Masterplan #9

SO this morning started the master plan to finish this film. It has been the clicking time bomb in my mind, the nagging pink elephant that wakes me up in the middle of the night and berates me. I can use all sorts of reasonable excuses why the film has been delayed, but none of them allow me to sleep easier. So much has happened in life since I started the film. Again, you start the film as one person, and by the time it is finished, you are someone completely different who barely recognizes the person who started the process. I feel like I'm burying someone with each project, some former version of myself. Making a film sort of destroys you and makes you into someone different. At least it does for me, but my things take years to produce. It is probably me just getting older as I work on this stuff. It is sort of like purging and getting things out of your system so you can go about your life with out these little fixations coloring everything you see. 

Alas, here are the numbers:
48 total scenes
14 completed
34 scenes to go
7 easy
9 kinda tough
18 WTF was I thinking, am I a masochist, no really, why!!!!????

So the basic process is this, in basic order, with little stars showing the level of pain.
* 1. place the dialoge - this is done for all the scenes already (easy)
** 2. put characters on the time line - we have all the scenes logged, it is just dragging them over (kinda tough)
** 3. make motion loops for the characters (easy, time consuming)
* 4. place the backgrounds (soooo easy)
** 5. position the characters on the background (kind tough)
** 6. draw the props - 90% are drawn, I keep finding new ones to create (easy, time consuming)
** 7. animate the props (easy, fun, time consuming)
*** 8. chroma the monkeys and clowns (hard, time consuming)
*** 9. chroma the clown patterns (f'n hard, and f'n time consuming, what was I thinking?)
**** 10. making sure the characters kinda interact (really hard)
* 11. add sound effects (easy)
* 12. add music -all music is composed and ready (easy and fun)
** 13. make close ups (kinda tough)
*** 14. add any blood, guts, electricity, visual effect (kinda tough and time consuming)
** 15. compile into a movie - this will actually be the easy part, I'm just going for a visual flow. (kinda tough, time consuming)
*** 16. let it go (hard and time consuming)

So that is about 16 steps per scene, and depending on how many elements, it gets more complicated, the gigs build and the computer goes slower. But at least it seems like something I can do now. I just need to find a way to make the more painful parts (steps 8, 9, 10) less heavy in my mind.

So I'll say 15 steps (dialogue already edited), and so 15 * 34 = 510.

So if I do one step a day, it will only take me a year and a half to finish this. :)

I should have done this math a while ago.