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Saturday, August 06, 2011

TEN - Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

1. Not a found footage movie, they didn't try to shoe horn the method
into the sequal, could have been awkward. Instead we have a nice doc
approach with a lot of jump cuts and I love that stuff.
2. SLICK! For a direct to video movie, this had a gigantic budget
(4mil according to IMDB), and so it looks really good and sounds
really good and is sooo much glossier then you would think. It looks
like um, a Highlander movie.
3. It also is like Die Hard 2. The first one is in a tall building,
this one is at an airport, so Q3 should happen in a taxi cab. (how's
that for in depth analysis, film degree was money well spent).
4. Loved the ending. Loved it. Didn't see it coming.
5. Frame by frame the death of the mad scientist, that is primo gore.
6. These aren't zombies, they are "infected with super rabies" and I
love the black eye foaming at the mouth look. Great make up in this.
7. Best argument about the difference between rats and hamsters ever!
A very heated debate in this that will make you think.
8. I liked the mad scientist in this, his cover story is really funny.
Like he was in his lab going, "what would those morons believe, what
is the least threatening thing I could possibly pretend to be?"
9. Mad scientist looks like the type of person I always suspect to be
up to stuff, who everyone else loves, and makes me seem like a cynical
jerk. Q2 will show'em.
10. Eyeball + big scary needle = even I looked at this through my fingers.
BONUS - South Side director Matt Green made the prop airplane wing
seen in the background shots. Pretty cool stuff.

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