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Sunday, August 07, 2011

TEN - Insidious (2010)

***I'll try not to spoil things, but ya know, something might happen****
1. James Wan's best movie. He doesn't try to do anything like Saw, and
to his credit, he's not a double dipper. Some of the imagery reminds
me of Dead Silence, but whatev. They guy can shoot a slick flick, he
can spackle over any cruddy screenplay with a stylish razzle dazzle
that hypnotizes. It isn't until later that you go... wha?
2. Music is all Penderecki-ish, so you put that in your movie and I
will become the screeching cymbal playing monkey.
3. Moody moody moody, this movie earns it's scares. there are some
jumps, but they are honest, and the whole thing just has you in knots,
so when the "big scary thing" happens, you don't feel like you've been
taken advantage of.
4.This was a nice what if movie. "What if Steven Spielberg had nothing
to do with Poltergeist". I love Poltergeist, but man that aw shucks
gee wizz attitude can be grating. This was Poltergeist filtered
through the ol' J-Horror machine, and it really works.... until
5. The last ten minutes. Once we have a wrestling match with the big
evil ghost. It's pretty much over. It was for me. Once you see the
thing, and go, oh that's all it is!?, you get a good look at it and
it's over. They did great job obscuring the evil for the whole movie,
but in that final confrontation, it goes all punch punch kick, tumble
tumble fall, and bluh. Done with you.
6. The ending ending is huh, so what, now the wife is going to be all,
"Ed used to never fall asleep right after Wheel of Fortune." or "Ed
sure does love to eat at Piccadilly all of a sudden."
7. No obvious use of CG in this, so if that has been ruining your
movies for the last decade, you may like this.
8. Give it up to Lyn Shaye, I never really go, "Man that Lyn Shaye
rules." But I did here, she was really good, she was great here, I
didn't mind her lack of midgetness.
9. All the acting is really good and the characters have just enough
to make you think they are real. Nice calm performances. None of that
JoBeth hystronics going on here. I think the wife had issues that a
lot of people with kids can relate to, so props to that.
10. Show stopper - the first glimpse at the monster, I can't lie, it
got me, made me pee a little. Kinda like the dead girl in the closet
in The Ring, or the Crawler's first shadow in The Descent, this one
pulled a nice audible "YELP!" out of me. Good job.

BONUS - where does this guy teach? boy is making some serious bank.
Also, good to see Darth Maul working again.

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