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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday Blogg'n! Part 1

Took Sarah to swim class, got a pound of Golf Coast Coffee from S'bucks, took back Devil, Conviction, and Despicable Me, rented Splice and Toy Story 3, changed a headlight, and now knocking around some pics!

In the post apocalypse, all tires will look like this. Glen Beck says so (rim shot).

The new Spider Man suit.

This is Brandon, and I'm SD, and we are a part of the GA State Film Student relocation program. You want whip?

Another Brandon, The Crow works in the cube next to me. He got over the death of his girlfriends and his band broke up and now he works in data recovery. Appropriate.

Little Girl - Sometimes when something really bad happens...
Guy - Oh like ethnic cleansing.
Little Girl - Um no, not that bad, but still pretty bad, a crow will...

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