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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did I tell you about Zombeak screening at ILM?

Here it is

Awesome person A > is buds with Awesome Person B > B works at ILM >A gives B  Zombeak T-shirts and copy of movie > Zombeak shown at monthly employee b-movie screening night (called FLECKS) in actural screening room at ILM!!!! > viewers give it hell at first > get into it >  like it! > B said first time they had a (prerecorded) director introduce the film > there was a demonstration on how to wring a chicken neck as B used to work on a poultry farm > people are walking around ILM in Zombeak t-shirts!

So, I've come to grips that a lot about the movie is deformed and spastic.... but!!! that doesn't mean it can't do its own thing and give some joy in the process.

Attached are some photos with bars added to protect the innocent.


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