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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


NOT going to think about all there is to do. ORGANIZE!!!


Ahh, that's better.

Of coarse I can only speak of this as an expert opinion of someone who
has never done it.


there is this guy who walks with a Woody Allen lope who ran manipulate
reality by breaking pieces off him self and leaving them like a bomb,
these chunks of self grow into people that give the situation exactly
what it needs, no matter what it is. Man grenades. These are
completely self sustaining parts, and after they are done doing what
needs to be done they go out to a field and shoot themselves in the

this is a new technology.

this guy thinks he has life figured out and can use his buds to get
out of any situation.

that is who he is.

what happens is that one of his buds springs another bud and he is
told that it is now his turn to take the bullet. He was a bud himself
once upon a time, and now it is time to let the manifestation take

Life becomes necessary to produce more and more buds until he is obsolete.

in the end he has to stop specializing and become an antique, give the
world over to his buds, sidelined.

he stops being a player and becomes a shadow.

when he tries to stop the buds, they overwhelm him like a hydra.


The buds turn on him and he doesn't have the equipment to fight

he no longer can make them strong enough, his buds are slaughtered by
the new gen buds

he is eventually forced into submission

he wont eat the bullet

Sees the next wave of buds being mistreated.

Smiles and laughs

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