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Thursday, October 30, 2008

morning ramble

How many freaking versions of Blue Monday can you freaking make New Order? Jeez!

Why must you make me dance so?

Can’t you just back of and let me be… oh here comes the cool part!


My father in law will be getting his gall bladder removed tomorrow.

I hope to be able to keep it so on Halloween night I can throw it in a bonfire and divinate the next harvest.

“Someone talked. Bring me a table lamp and a can of chili.’

Just got a phone call, Cameron may have chicken pox!

This has been a crazy hard week on Steph, sister in law Angela had foot surgery and is laid up in Cameron’s room. Cameron is sleeping with us in a pack and play, the approaching gall bladder surgery, AVON is a rip off way to make money suitable only for the Lawn and Tennis types with time to burn, Sarah is testing boundaries, and just no one to really Steph out. It is a luxury if she gets five minutes to take a shower. When you leave for work, it’s like entering a virtual reality where nothing REALLY matters, but at home there is always something pressing that directly relates to your families health, education, and financial well being. And there is no where to go to escape. No lunch breaks.

I’m glad I can be off a bit coming up and giving a hand. Suburbia is a war zone.

I may become a history dork. I watched a doc on chocolate last night (choc doc) and no longer resent making hot chocolate for customers (slopping the pigs) at Starbucks. It may be the “nice guy once you get to know him” syndrome. What else wouldn’t bug me so much if I could put into historical context?



So the evil stock boy should be this pale red head Irish boy with a strict pagan upbringing. Not demonizing paganism, just this kid, who has access to evil spirits. And his comeuppance could be spectacular.

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