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Friday, October 17, 2008


So you have the My Space.

You have the Facebook.

You have the googlebooglemagogo.

You have the Itunes.

So youve meticulously written up all the details about yourself in the way you would like people to see you and the way you would like to see yourself.

You picked the movies you like, but most important, the ones you want other people to know you like.

You have all your bands and books and magazines and the job and the income bracket.

Where you went to school and what degree.

Personal interests, witty sayings, cool quotes and what not.

Some music is playing that best represents you.

Here is a forum that shows you how youve always wanted people to see you, the real you that hides behind the socially retarded you.

And now that it is all up there would you really want to hang around that person.

The people that Ive created to represent me on facebook and myspace annoy the crap out of me.

They are always on, always rattling about some movie they saw or song they heard.

Always with the clever one liner. Ha ha ha.

Self absorbed with what little project theyre fooling with.

They are like drama students I used to know that could never turn off the actor, always performing.

Maybe even with no direct contact these sites are too social for me.

And I hate that I know that some one I havent spoken to in 15 years had a pop tart yesterday that tasted funny. It makes me feel like a stalker. Its just freaking creepy.

What makes me crazy about the people that I meet on these sites, and about my own effigies is that they are so boring and one sided.

There is no divergence. No contradictions.

I know for everything Ive put up there for myself, the opposite is true just as often.

All my interests and tastes are subject to the alignment of the sun and moon.

We are interesting because we are walking contradictions.

Love/hate relationships is how we operate.

Say we love one thing and then do everything we can to destroy it.

I miss reality and anonymity.

No one looks at these things anyway, but to know that some one can, I feel like a dancing monkey.

Im getting an account set up in Real Space, or Meat Space as Ive heard it called.

Internet has connected us, and internet has made us boring.

We have created ourselves in our own image and we are shit heads.


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