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Monday, September 08, 2008

Trailer Did / Vacation 08

Hello Loyal Reader (you know who you are),

Just chillin after the vacation to Myrtle Beach. The first vacation I ever had that I did not want to end.

Sat on the beach, let the abyss draw me in and trancify my brain.

The fam dug it, the hotel we were at had a lot of pools and kid stuff to groove on, and my nephew was there for Sarah to roll with, that was cool.

We set a tent up on the beach and I wrote 24 pages of the vampire script, the three bride thing, and that has exploded into a gorefest, impossible to film but fun to write.

Today I go back to the cube, Wed I go back to the night gig at Star Buckers. But with a week of actual R and R behind me I feel actually like a human being again.

Oh yeah, and the trailer is done, finished right before I left, here is the link to the youtube page, feel free to browse the files, check out the old transformation from Manimal, ohhhhhhhhsnap!


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