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Friday, September 12, 2008

BD 08

It was awesome, went to see Dark Knight with Steph and had a blast!

Dark Knight was so damn good it hurts, the only exception being wanting to see a more spectacular resolution for the Joker (if the bad guy isnt thrown into a meat grinder at the end, sending his guts splattering over the now screaming insane hero, Im usually left feeling empty), and a fall from the skyscraper that would usually hurt/kill someone was just shook off like it was nothing. I thought Bales Batman voice was kind of funny, but hes nuts, so I let it go.

SO six seconds out of 3 hours isn’t too bad. I am an unabashed Chris Nolan fanboy, have been since Memento, cemented with Insomnia, and 100 percent devote with Batman Begins. The Prestige didnt do much for me, but any movie with a convenient identical twin has to fight pretty hard to get me back in the groove. But I think the guy makes smart and interesting movies that deal with moral grey areas. A moral grey area is not something you get in Hollywood films too often.

I love me some dirty clown imagery, will probably steal some of it for Clown Vs. Monkey.

The next Spider Man flicks will have to up their game if they want to compete with this one. 

Best movies this year (that Ive seen)

1. Batman Begins *****

2. Doomsday *****

3. Death Race ****1/2

-I put in the request for the copyright report, we will see whats up.


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