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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zombeak Screening at The Swiff

Alright, to all those I have promised to mail a copy of Zombeak to, and whose copies seem to have been lost in the mail (wink), I will be handing out copies to cast and crew at this awesome event coming up... THE SOMETHING WICKED FESTIVAL OF FILMS!


This is Kevin Power’s ongoing series showcasing films produced here in GA, and he was gracious enough to include our vulgar little freak show in the line up.


Thus! There will be a nice screening of the finished (relative term) film and a Q and A afterwards so if any of the cast/crew would like to participate in that, I’m sure we can have Kevin find us enough stools for people to sit on. It will give everyone a chance to work on their Inside the Actors Studio answers.


AND!  Well that’s it. Please let everyone on your mailing list know about this, any one who’s asked “what ever happened to that chicken movie?”, please invite them! Here is you chance to prove that you had not been out binge drinking every weekend in the summer of 04.


If only you guys show up that would be awesome too! A chance to reconnect.


Here is the link to the website and myspace page!



PS – I have been updating the blog more often due to the magic of sending video from my phone! WARNING! They are now mixed with gushy/mushy ponderings of life and yah yah whatevahs (baby pics and what if god was one of us musings) But it will keep you in the loop on where we are in getting a release date,




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