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Monday, May 19, 2008


So it has been just over a year since we ended post, and I have kept my movie self busy researching distribution and writing the next projects.

It’s been a fun time; most interesting has been watching my babies grow and interact. Being a dad really changes your priorities around. I used to loose sleep over the fact that I wasn’t some hotshot horror director, and that things were taking so long, and stuff was not turning out as planned. But now I find that these kids really give me something that films never have. Peace.

These kids will only have one childhood. This is the one thing in my life that I don’t want to screw up. Screwing up a movie is the least of my worries.

But still, I do enjoy the process, and the people I’ve met have been awesome/groovy.

The film is being sent to the first three distributors this week. We will see what happens. But whatever, the film will find it’s way to the audience however it chooses. I’m going to let it tell me what to do. I don’t have the answers here. Just making it up as I go along.

BTW, we are showing ZOMBEAK! at The Something Wicked Festival of Films! Details to come later.



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