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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Back to Boring

Thank goodness. The last few days have been apocalyptic. Right in the middle of the big move we had a death in the family that was earth shattering, and I can't wait for life to get back to normal. At least I can now chill and let the world speed by me, and not think to much, unpack and start back up on the editing. Friends have moved back to GA that I haven't seen in a while, and it will be nice to hang with again and drink a cup of Joe with. And I've got some really weird projects that I've started to write for the next thing. The goal is to make two movies a year, of course I'll have to work quicker then I am now, but that is the goal. I mainly want to write the scripts, and find some brilliant cat who loves bossing people around and being center of attention to direct them. All I need in life to be happy is to write horror, watch horror, and drink a lot of coffee. I'll produce too just until I can find someone who will do it for me. The ideal would be to live in a bubble of quiet stillness, and type away, and occasionally going out to grab some coffee or see a movie or take a road trip, and only that when I feel psychoticly adventurous.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Three More Daze

So we are almost done moving, this has nothing to do with the movie other then it is keeping me from working on it physically, but last night I was wide eyed in the new house just playing it over and over and over again in my head different cuts I'm going to make and how some scenes will slice together, praising my ingenuity one second and damning my incompetence the next. A sleepless night. Maybe this is how it goes, you work until you're sick of it, then sit back from it until there is nothing else on your brain but "the it". This is theory and thus a waste of time and keystrokes.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Calm Down

There are more posts these days just cuz it has become one of the few creative outlets I've got for now. Packing, packing, moving, moving, slap me in a dress and call me Cinderella. Sinderella. Blah-blah-blah.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Estimated Completion Dates

Just moving and packing, nothing interesting going on. ECD - February the 17th.
ECD on the movies first cut, third weekend of Feb.
ECD on the ADR, end of March
ECD on sound effects, end of April
ECD on effects, I'm handing that off to others so I'm not sure, before the June premiere is all that matters.
ECD on the score, as soon as the rough cut goes through a polish run, then we'll hand it over to the bloke doing that and he had scored a film in a week before this. I'll guess this one will take three.
There will also be a day of inserts to help gore the move up more. These will be shot in a garage and shouldn't take more then a day.
Enough of me yack'n.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Reel Life (cliche)

So after all that I still have three hours to cut. It's in the computer and sitting there waiting for me to chop it up and rearrange it, but of coarse a little real life has intruded into my hermetically sealed fantasy world and I have to address these issues. Crap. This is the most challenging thing about making a film, or doing anything worthwhile, and anyone will agree with me on this, the persistent encroachment of external reality. Why won't it just go away! No matter what I do to block it out, it creeps back in through the cracks in the window, under the door jams, wherever it can get a foot hold. Give reality an inch, it takes a foot, then it crams it up your ass.

So these days I am packing up the house and moving to another house down the road. No matter how much I stare at my belongings they don't disappear or pack themselves, so I guess I will have to deal with them. Bummer. And then I go,"Great! I'll simplify my life!" But it doesn't work like that see. I see every emotional connection to every scrap of paper and every illegible post-it. Every VHS tape, every cassette, every book, comic, whatever, it all seems too important to throw out. I have so much trash that means too much to me. I envy the Buddhist on the hill that has nothing and wants nothing. I suffer greed and envy all at once. Is this rambling entry procrastination to keep from packing? Sure is.