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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Adam Looped Out!

Hey! Guess What?!?

I finished looping all of Adam's dialogue. Well, I recorded it and stuck it all in the computer, logged it up, just have to sync it now.

I'm doing this not because all the location sound was garbage, because a lot was fine, but man when you compare on set sound to studio sound, there is no comparison. Sound is tricky, and if not nurtured can really wreck your film. I hate the crappy reverb we got in the old house, I didn't notice it until I started replacing it. I love the obsessive compulsive control I can have over every word now. I can make the levels just right, and not have to worry about making the crickets from a mile away getting louder or softer as well.

I got an e-mail from producer Wes telling me he has a grab bag of effects for me, and my heart goes aflutter.

The freaky thing was that Adam was moving this Friday to New York! I though it wasn't until November so when he told me the news, I nearly had a heart attack.

This weekend is Dragon Con! I hope to be a small presence there, even if it's just walking around in a raincoat and whispering the title in rubber tipped ears.


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Anonymous said...

Found out about Zombeak through a friend in UK.. liked the trailer. I'm in Sri Lanka, and won't get to see it but dude it looks awesome.