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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


So here's what's new!

Sci Fi Summer Con is coming up this weekend. As it turns out the panel will be just Wes Campbell the producer and I. I wanted everyone who had anything ever to do with the film on board, but there really isn't enough room for such a large family. Wes and I aren't too pretty, but we'll be able to ramble on pretty good about the ends and outs of making a low budget horror movie. Hope to see you guys out there, I'm sure the video tape will make it on the DVD regardless. Thanks to SCI-FI SUMMER for inviting the demonic chicken into their house. Oh, and here's the corrected website.

We have a new man on music. His name is Kevin Scott, and is a noted musician here in the Atlanta area. The man is a horror fanatic and a brilliant guy and I welcome him aboard. Charles Hume, who did a fantastic job on the trailer, and who is an awesome guy, was swamped with other film projects and had to bow out. The man is awesome and everyone should check out his website at

Our motion graphics genius is working out the opening title sequence. His name is Jeremy Sewell and the guy has an eye for cool. We talked last week about Saul Bass if that's any indication on the direction we're going. Here's his website, don't bother him, he's busy

I've been working on getting the video presentation ready for Sunday, we'll be going on at 11am, and also I've begun the sound edit.


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