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Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer Con Complete

So we came, we saw, we kicked it's ass!

Summer Con was a lot of fun and gave us a great forum to spread the word of our little killer chicken movie. Thanks Danny, and thanks Summer Con for the invite.

Wes "producer" Campbell and I rambled for a bit, showed a scene, a trailer, some bloopers, and a "on the set" documentary.

It was great to see Susan Waters, one of our actors in the crowd and catch up with her.

Cindy Morgan, the girl from TRON was there, but I was too shy to come up to here and tell here how in love I was with her back when I was eight. It just makes things SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I vowed never to approach another actor I liked from my childhood after blathering infront of Bill "Choptop" Mossely at last years Dragon Con.

Nice dealers room, some great Godzilla merch.

The video presentation went fine, the sound was bad, but it gave me opportunity to blabber more.

Thanks Jayson for coming out, I owe you one.


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