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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Now, I could cry. I just finished cutting together the most intricate scene in the movie, the midpoint when everything goes to crap for all the characters. I broke my two pages maximum for scene length on this scene, and it took forever to shoot, and we had to keep going back to it and snagging little bits and pieces of it as the shoot when on. It has everything in it. Blood, Guts, Comedy, SFX, seven characters standing around a table, a major nightmare basically. I guess it is inspired by the Texas Chainsaw diner scene. But there is also some Thing in there. And some Re-Animator. This scene nearly killed me, and so right now I am celebrating the completion of the scene, that it works for me, and that it didn't kill me. There was no practical way to shoot this scene, so much damn coverage. So much blood and guts. I have learned to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER write another scene like this. I apologize to the cast and crew for putting them through this scene without giving them heavy drugs first.

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