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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 Things I Thought About While Spacing Out.

I never get to lay in bed and think. I’m usually at work really early, or chasing midgets, so this morning no one was home and I could just lay there and stare at the ceiling. 

Here’s what I thought about. Brace yourself. Profundity!
  1. Work (and felt like a robot that I was thinking about minutia of the job while I was off. Brain-Jacked!)
  2. Money (bills bills bills and car repairs)
  3. War of the Worlds (thinking about all the times it’s been made, remade, borrowed from)
  4. Cheese Dip (I’ve eaten caso from Moe’s every day for a week, I think I’ve hit my cut off point)
  5. Silence (it’s really loud, the audio buzz when no one is home)
  6. Squirrels (I’ve thrown repellent in the attic, I think the squirrels used it to make salsa)
  7. Coffee (thought about making bar drinks, my hands pouring them in the air)
  8. Clown Versus Monkey (an experimental film, but do we have enough data yet to form a conclusion?)
  9. Mini Comics (I don’t call the art “bad”, I call it “approachable”.)
  10. Breakfast (eggs eggs eggs eggs)

There you go, the infinite deepness of a really deep person.

Sam Drog

Clown Versus Monkey! Check It Out Here!

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Jayson Hammett said...

You are the cereal of life.