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Sunday, March 02, 2014

TEN Things I remember about Battle Of The Damned (2013)

I fell asleep during this, so here's my general impression of the movie.

1. Malaysia setting adds a lot. Asian zombies and the foreign location gave it a nice vibe.

2. Lundgren's face takes up his entire head.

3. There are robots in this, but I don't know how they got there, I must have been asleep. They have a nice 1950's vibe mixed with Apple aesthetic.

4. Lots of warrior face paint.

5. A great pace. Movie begins already in progress and never stops to breathe. Everytime I passed out some gunfight or zombie attack woke me back up.

6. They did a good job making the people have a distinct look and personality. Well, the costume designer did their job.

7. Movie looked like some friends running around with cameras, playing Aliens. The difference between professional and amateur is so small now. I've seen slicker homemade productions on YouTube. Not a bad thing. Movies now look like glorified fan films.

8. Cribs from Escape from New York,  some lines taken verbatim.

9. Zombies are so easy to defeat. They would never overrun society. The reality would be more Romero with the rednecks getting together making a weekend out of it.

10. I recommend this, it's an amalgam of so many movies you like, the fun is spotting the influences.

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