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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ten Random Thoughts on Cosmopolis (2012)

1. Remember when Cronenberg made movies with squishy membranes and creepy twins? Or how about the Cronenberg who makes stuffy art films for film snobs. Remember that guy? Who do we get here? Squishy? Snob? Snob? Squishy?

2. Cosmopolis blew me away.

3. Ya know, I can sit and listen to an interesting monolog all day. I love them. Just watching Breaking Bad the other day, was so happy they gave character actor Jonathan Banks a nice big speech, where usually that guy is allowed to grunt "kill'm" and nothing more. This has AMAZING dialog spans in a style that I really dig. Not realist, but more like train of thought mixed with free association.

4. It would all be a train wreck if it wasn't so dang funny. Laugh out loud funny stuff. This is like a sci-fi comedy horror film. It is really out there. Scenes you just go huh? It is like theater, like really cool theater, so why not make a movie like that.

5. Samantha Morton in this movie just blows the whole thing up. Her character is fantastic.

6. Mr. Sad Eyed Vampire guy is in this, and he is really good. He's the guy who owns the world but has lost all connection to everything. He's a man adrift. I really dug him. No matter what awesome thing is happening, it's like he's a century old vampire again, having gone past happy and sad and hope and despair. He is just a sad view of what people are like now.

7.Cronenberg, like Coscarelli are still making movies like they give a damn. Cronenberg can get too stuffy for me. Spider and A Dangerous Affair, I couldn't finish, but this was a revelation to me. A new kind of thing.

8. So I was wondering where I had heard this POV before then saw in the credits that this was based on a Don Dellilo novel, and I ain't going to lie, I felt really smart for reading White Noise years back. I'm petty, so I ran into my closet and put on my tweed jacket with patches and started smoking a pipe.

9. Pastry Assassin Guy has just the greatest scene ever, watch the photographers around him, having the time of their lives. This movie is pretty loose and playful, stylish like a music video, and just super funny. It is like other Cronenberg movies, like Existenz, where you have a pretty good movie punctuated by amazing scenes.

10. Paul Giamatti is in this. That's what made me watch it. I had no interest in seeing a movie with Twilight boy riding around in a limo for the whole movie. But I heard that the carrot I'd get is a long scene with Giamatti playing a psycho. And he's great! He's got a towel on his head! What more do you need? You people are impossible.

OPENING CREDITS - Arty and cool. Snap your fingers daddy-o.

SHOW STOPPER - Besides Pastry Assassin Guy, the music here is really cool. It's Howard Shore collaborating with Metric. Go Canada!

If you want to see a flick just like Cosmopolis, but with a killer chicken... click here!


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