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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Rambling Observations on REC 3!

1. Great transition from hand held camcorders to "movie vision". Something that has been needed to be addressed in these found footage movies is brought up and I thank the filmmakers for putting it in the movie.

2. The happy young couple are great! I could feel the love.

3. The wedding setting was awesome.

4. At one point, we get people in Midieval armor facing down the zombies, and that was great. It was like chivalry is not dead.

5. Along those lines, the movie descends into Medieval imagery as it progresses and its world comes apart. This could have been set in that time period. Just replace the chainsaw with a battle ax.

6. I like how the zombies are infected with old school demons. Very European of this movie. In the American remake of the series, this is all just another rage virus thing.

7. The way they freeze up the possessed is very in line with Biblical scripture. Not that this is a religious movie, Kirk Cameron isn't in it, but if you are going to do a demon movie, might as well get your story straight.

8. Along those lines, this is a super demon possession mega zombie virus that kills your body and fills it with a demon (i think) and that is a cool idea. The movie makes a statement about using secular machine guns against amped up flesh bags of bad mojo. So, a good movie to show your Sunday school class.

9. The ending I loved, this whole thing had a great vibe about being in love and family and what not. That it took place at a wedding, it made all the deaths better because you knew it was cousins killing uncles and and aunts killing nephews. You gotta dig how sick that is.

10. That being said. Zombies are not scary at all. Not after the last decade of ultra saturation. Heck, even Romero can't do it anymore. The only effective zombies are on Walking Dead (when they actually show up). But this has been done to undeath. I'm ready for Bigfoot saturation or something else. But I feel this way about most things. Slashers and vampires and ghouls. All this stuff is fun, but I guess staring into my own mortality and worrying about my family and parents and the seeming instability of the planet scares me now. So demon-zombies seem silly to me.

Showstopper - She does sport a mean chainsaw.

Showstopper 2 - the last shot in the movie (so literally this time)

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