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Thursday, September 27, 2012

TEN Reasons You Have to See YELLOWBRICKROAD (2010)

This Ten brought to you by GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH! welcome to the awesome future

1.Worst lover’s spat ever!
2. Hiking via Star Trek bridge attack via THX 1138 sonic torture scene
3. Ate all the candy guilt trip
4.Bad Photo Shop Apocalypse
5. It’s the Scarecrow, OMG!
6. These people have jobs, I love them, no spring break students! 
7. Loved Walter, that actor is awesome  
8. New Hampshire is terrifying
9. It’s deep man and you just don’t get me man!
10. Old Timey music! Look out!
SHOW STOPPER - The creepy popcorn girl!

7.5/10 - good stuff! -sd

ps- no more google search

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