Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten Cool Things about Black Water

Black Water -


Crocs versus Australian outdoorsy types.


1. Great location.

2. Great acting

3. Great crocodile

4. Suspenseful

5. Inventive use of budget

6. midnight snack

7. realistic gore

8. oppressive atmosphere

9. obeys its own rules, people who go in the water get attacked, no exceptions

10.  characters you like


I recommend it, but it depends on how many killer crocodile movies you've seen.



1. The crocodile looks gigantic, like HUGE, in some shots, in other shots he looks like just a normal croc. Whatev, all is forgiven.

7 out of 10

Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

walking and texting

John here this pretty cool,just out walking and rocking and thinking about life just walk in a straight line and  who cares, you can stand and do whatever it makes it all much nicer, so at the end of dhh, it would be awesome if the mom doesn't just escapes, that she has returned to the street, but this time to destroy it and not to be destroyed by it, i like that, so she doesn't drive off into the sunset until the last moment, and the ultimate giving of her self for the cause is when she leads the army of the dead against the pimp and all his deadlings, blood in the sewer drains, very nice, she the refusal of the return is to stay and wipe out all the zombies, and the flight will be to get the daughter out to safety, and then it is the rescue from without (raising the army of dead hookers) and then the recrossing (confronting the reign of zombie thugs) and then blood chunkylypse.

Smilen and so on