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Monday, November 01, 2010

CvM Update!


Hello Awesome Beautiful People who are in the Clown/Monkey Cult.


So I didn't make the release date, but who knew making a pseudo animated feature would be so labor intensive! Sometimes you have to smash your head into reality to find out where it exists.


Thank you to everyone who was super cool who contributed to the project or bought a copy and made 2010 a really vibrant and creative time in my life. Even if you just humored vague emails that talked about how much stuff I was going to send you but never did, thanks for smiling and nodding. Everything is in an organic constant state of evolution, and sometimes invalid before I'm done typing it out.


I am hammering away for a turkey day release.


All the pieces are in, there is just A LOT of  sandwiching to do and then a big render.


… and there is the sound mix which  I will be stalking Jonas once its time.


But You Tube will keep you in the loop until the premiere.



JOHN by order of SAM

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