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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sarah stuff

Things said by Sarah last night after she had gone swimming and not used her floaties.

Sarah - Daddy, I don't need to wear my floaties no more.
Me - I know.
S- I'm a teenager kid now.
M- mmm
S- I don't want little kid things no more, don't get me little kid things anymore. I want big things now.
M- Oh okay. (shes folding her clothes as she talks to me)
S- Do you see this jacket (she is wearing a red Nike jacket)
M- Yeah.
S- This is a teenager jacket. Is this a teenager jacket?
M- Yeah.
S- Only teenager kids wear these. Not little kids.
M- Okay.
S- Do you know where I got this jacket?
M- no.
S- The 80s. The kid 80s. DO you know where I got these shoes?
M- No.
S- The 30s. Do you know where I got this shirt?
M- No.
S- The six.. the 70s.
M- Oh.
S- I'm going to put all my kid stuff that I don't use on this side of the closet, and all my teenager stuff on this side of the closet.
M- Okay.
S- Do teenagers wear these kind of shoes?

Anyway, I finished the book "the road" last night and it was so good I don't think I want to see the movie because I like the way it all looks in my head.


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