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Friday, November 20, 2009

clown versus monkey - bullet points

- comic books are like clown propaganda, vacant funny books, like collections of Sunday funnies, there's nothing more disgusting then a monkey reading a comic book.

- a clown found guilty of targeting a monkey and making them laugh is issued a gag order and made to become a mime. Of coarse the state removes the tongue.
- there is a sonic laugh device that only monkeys can hear, it is used in security devices that will destroy a monkeys brain.
- clowns get what they pay for when it comes to head protection, should spring for the electro-shock insulation.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

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Friday, November 06, 2009

10 updates from the planet Clown Versus Monkey

1. Got 13 pages of script to go over this weekend! Josh Ford is a Rock God with lighting for hair and tornadoes for brains!

2. Meeting available actors Saturday morning to go over the "Grand Vision".

3. Tuesday night is our first read through of these 13 pages! At the Blank Page writers group!

4. Approached Sass Perilla the Singing Gorilla to see if he would like to perform in the film, he wrote back this morning with a big awesome hell to the yeah. We just have to work out the details.

5. At Under Budget Producer Meeting I had a chance to pitch the project and see where it needed to be buffed up. Mainly I think we should go for a charity that has more to do with the subject matter of the film, as I can not imagine actually showing this to small children. I am moving in the direction of ASPCA

6. My homework is to make a marketing proposal to submit to businesses to add advertising space on the updates.

7. I have made an awesome contact through Troy Moore who works for a fulfillment company (burns DVDs, makes direct downloads, fliers, posters, whatev?) He filled me in on what I want to do is SO DOABLE (make the film available through direct download vs hard copy DVD) This way I can keep down costs, donate more to charity, and keep it in the cloud.

8. Keeping it in the cloud is a big deal for me. I want it to remain in a data state, electronic impulses that are flying around.

9. Quick rule 0125. Monkeys predisposed to laughter take medications that causes the enzyme to collect in one area of their bodies. This forms a tumor, a weird little clown blob that has to be eventually removed. It comes out alive and wiggly, and the monkey doctors pound in its head and ship it off to be turned into more enzyme inhibitor.

10. I graduated my web class and I'm open for business!