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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Documentary - note to the edit team

So this is the plan, can you dig it.

1. Every week you will get 15 minutes of footage in the mail on a RW-DVD. It will be in a format you can drag onto your hard drive.

2. Get it in on your hard drive and import it into your editing software.

3. Cut it down to about 3 minutes, just take the funny, interesting, embarrassing, awkward, uncomfortable stuff. There will be a lot of empty space, just standing around and thinking stuff, just toss that stuff. Were looking for a few minutes of something interesting.

4. Render what you cut together as an .AVI file. Save it as your name_tape number.avi, for example, jimmy_01.avi

5. Erase the RW-DVD and burn the edited footage to the disk.

6. Place the disk in the provided stamped envelope and drop it in the mail.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just become a part of the YouTube generation!

What Ill be doing: Ill be working on my own 15 minutes, getting the next wave of footage ready, and posting all the files to YouTube.

Ill be adding opening and closing titles to what you send me with your name as the editor, and advertising zombeak, the upcoming Cockumentary, and if you have a personal project or website (Black Roses, Earluminators, Jasons escorting service) that you would like a plug then that will be put on there too.

The footage will be on its dedicated YouTube channel and sent out to horror, DIY, independent filmmaking websites everywhere.

Thats the basics, I want to get your first 15minutes by this Monday, making the official start date July 13th with the end date November 15th.

I dont see anything more then a 3 hour per week commitment. Dont agonise over the cuts, just find the WTF moments and shoot them back to me.

I would like to see a DVD mailed back to me every week so we can keep the forward momentum. Its like a pipeline!

This plan will be altered as needed, and if you feel like you need to drop out at any point, all is good and in the hood. Just give me a shout out.

Who has a web cam, I plan on being online everynight from 10-11pm, so if you have a web cam, we can meet on SKYPE, or if not Ill be on facebook chat, or call my cell phone at 404-xxx-xxxx.

Let me know if anyone needs software to burn, erase a dvd disk.

Once this is up on Amazon and it starts to generate a cash flow, that will be divided equally per how many disks you cut. Something to do with ratios, I have a graphing calculator to help me out on this side.

Alright! Thats the plan. Print this out and staple it to your head.

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