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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Up

No sleep yet, just thought I would up this.
Saw BV3D yesterday and it was neat, but I think I would have liked it more in 2D.
Tom Atkins was dabomb however, and that was really why I bought the ticket.
Dropped the movie off to get the QC report today. So if all goes well that may be the final nail in the coffin. I plan on promoting the flick on various sites by posting behind the scene webisodes, but that will be simple in comparison. So a five year process is finally coming to an end, an official end. It's just not over until I can walk into a store and hold a copy I did not burn myself and label with a magic marker.
School coming up, told at the orientation to expect 20 hours of homework a week. So basically should be a cool descent into madness. I'll try to post pics of my bleeding brain.
A guy I know got busted for drugs recently, and I was really rooting for him, it upsets me that he fell back into old behaviors, I've seen it all before, anyone who can stay sober I tip my hat to.
I was invited to a superbowl party today and told the couple, a cool couple that comes into starbucks, that I have kids and to get back to me in ten years. HA! I know Steph would be up for it, but you know, I'M NOT FRIENDLY!
This recluse thing I've been on for the last 33 years makes it really hard to meet new people.
Sam D. 

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