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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Countdown to Fest

So here is the latest,

I have all the holes filled in the dialogue, there was some left over flack from the manic sound edit from the premiere, you could here me commenting here and there, and there where places where we hadn't had time to synch up a few lines, thus empty lips, but that is all fixed and I now need to do a dialogue render.

After the dialogue render, there will be a quick sound effect mix pass, and music pass, render render render.

So then add in the blood shots and end credits, render.

Matte and fix some of the compositions, render.

Then burn the DVD and see how the screening Friday goes.

Man, this is almost over. halluyah.


Friday, October 06, 2006


I can't believe it's been over a month sence I've posted.

We will be showing Zombeak! at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival on October 27th. That's a friday, it should be interesting. There are alot of local filmmakers being represented for the weekend fest, guess that means coming out of seclusion for a night to (shudder) talk to people.

Things have been slow here, but a major breakthrough happened the other day when I bought a plug in for Premiere that basically fixed my sound issues with a click of the mouse. So there is still some flack I need to cut out of the sound track, but we are almost done with that. I'm excited to have a screening where you'll be able to HEAR BOTH the dialogue AND the music, not one or the other.

So this weekend I'm finishing the blood and mix, and then color correcting and adding the end credits. And of coarse, a movie bender. (mindhunters, hustle and flow, district b13, eve w/kevin smith) Monkey plus chicken equals sandwich!