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Monday, July 11, 2005


Here's an email I got from a cool dude named Tracy from Unspeakable Mag!

i was curious if you could give me some info on it available yet, i'd love to check it out....please fill me in when ya can...thanks. Tracy

Unspeakable Magazine
c/0 --Necroscopic Unlimited--
Tracy Crockett


Greetings Tracy,

Love the trailer, very rad. Damn good idea, a great way to make a movie. Crazy enough to work. Gotta love the people crazy enough to try and do this for a living.

So Zombeak!

It's been cut together and has a nice little flow to it all. For the last two months I have been working on the sound edit; basically teaching myself how to do such a thing, gathering equipment and trying all sorts of different set ups and so forth. Finally I had a break through this very same day when I received a new mike in the mail that has solved all my problems.

So the next step is getting all the actors in for some ADR, I refuse to be one of those low budget movies where you can't tell what people are saying.

On other fronts, we are gearing up for a test screening the first weekend of August to a select group of 17-22 year olds to see how the movie plays. The opening titles are being plotted out by a mad genius. Digital Effects are being hammered on somewhere in New Orleans. Tomorrow we are having a big music jam session to generate ideas and get a temp track for the test screening.

Thanks for asking, we just eat this elephant one bite at a time, it will all be worth it once people everywhere can sit back and enjoy it.

Keep Rock'in

AND I RECOMEND EVERYONE to check out the sites he mentioned, they be cool brothers.

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